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Routine Dental Exams in Denver, CO

Bringing your child to the dentist is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth and habits. A complete pediatric exam includes an exam of the oral structures, tooth cleaning, fluoride treatments, nutritional counseling, habit counseling, and oral growth/development and partial airway assessment.

What is a pediatric dental exam?

At Northfield Pediatric Dentistry, exams are completed in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. Teeth cleanings and dental checkups are essential for children to prevent cavities and monitor their proper facial/oral development. According to the CDC, one in five kids, ages five to 11, has at least one untreated cavity. If left untreated, cavities can become painful and cause additional future infections. By bringing your child to our office regularly, they have the best chance of reducing their risk for cavities and developing good oral health habits that they can carry into adulthood. 

How often do children need a dental exam?

Ideally, most children should undergo dental examinations every six months. We recommend bringing your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts or by their first birthday, whichever comes first. By visiting the dentist regularly, we can determine any change in your child’s oral health and prevent the early onset of tooth decay. Regular exams are done quickly and easily, and we offer preventative care options to keep your child’s teeth resilient to developing cavities. Consistent at-home oral care and routine professional exams will help keep your child’s smile strong and healthy. 

What can parents and kids expect during their first dental health examination?

You can expect your child’s first routine dental checkup to go as follows:

  • Our friendly staff will greet your child and gather the necessary information (including medical history, insurance, etc.). Our team will answer any questions you may have regarding the complete process.
  • Next, your dental assistant will meet you in the waiting room. If necessary (and age-appropriate), dental radiographs will be taken to help understand the overall health and development of your child’s mouth. 
  • Your dental assistant will then introduce your child to all the dental tools used and perform a tooth cleaning, polish, floss, and apply fluoride.
  • Next, you will meet with Dr. Roz for an exam. We’ll discuss any areas of concern and anything else that needs to be addressed.
  • Then, we will schedule any needed treatment, or if none is necessary, schedule your child for their next six-month cleaning appointment.
  • You can expect your child’s first appointment to take between 30 min-1 an hour. We take our time to provide you with all information so that your child is set up for success. 

At Northfield Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that children often feel nervous and scared when visiting the dentist. To make them as comfortable as possible, we take every step to ensure their time with us is fun and relaxing. Using language that sets the tone for a positive experience is also recommended. Appearing positive will help your child form a more proactive relationship with their dentist and oral health. Our office also offers free comfort visits if needed, so your child can explore the office before their visit and know what to expect.

How can parents teach their children the importance of dental health?

Taking your child to the dentist every six months is crucial for maintaining a healthy smile. This will also help your child to establish the best oral care habits and get them acquainted with going to the dentist. Equally as important is your child’s habits at home. Be sure to brush their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste (if recommended) and floss once daily. Help your child brush and floss their teeth until they have established good skills. If your child is six or younger, it is recommended that you watch them brush and floss their teeth to ensure the correct methods, as hand-eye coordination does not fully develop until about eight years of age. We recommend using a rice size amount of toothpaste for children under three years of age and a pea size amount of toothpaste for children three years and older. Maintaining good eating habits is important for oral and general health. Helping your child avoid sugary and sticky foods and beverages will help prevent damage to the overall health of their teeth and mouth.  

What other preventive care services are offered at Northfield Pediatric Dentistry?

Northfield Pediatric Dentistry offers various preventative care services to meet your child’s needs. These dental services include: 

  • Comprehensive Exams –  to search for cavities, evaluate dental growth and development and possible future orthodontic recommendations, and otherwise, look for potential problems and pathology.
  • Teeth Cleanings – to keep children’s smiles sparkling while helping them to learn the importance of caring for their teeth before their adult teeth come in.
  • Fluoride Treatments – to strengthen the tooth enamel.
  • Sealants – to cover deeper grooves in the molars that are difficult for children to clean adequately.
  • Digital Low-radiation X-rays – to safely search for cavities, evaluate bone health and adult tooth development, and diagnose disease.

Meeting Your Child’s Dental Health Examination Needs

We understand that finding the right first dentist for your child is a big decision! At Northfield Pediatric Dentistry, our friendly and supportive staff is dedicated to making your child feel at home in an environment created for children! We have all the tools needed to help your child become more comfortable when visiting. Dr. Roz and our team in Denver, CO, can’t wait to help your child maintain a smile that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today!

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